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I am Garry Ambroise a licensed professional Realtor, A competent leader and decision-maker who is respected for having common sense.  A highly respected professional, whose decisions are compelling and accurate,. A leader and motivator in the information technology field for over 20 years’ experience. Keen ability to read and understand people from all walks of life through different languages and cultural barriers. I always put myself in my Client shoes to understand their request and satisfy their needs. I would be an asset in a role that requires an intelligent fast learner whose specialized knowledge and experiences would be seen as a valuable asset.


I have a Degree in Science / Business Administration with concentration in Accounting, and Bachelor degree in science with concentration in Information Technology and background in Project Management. My position as IT Specialist I bring perseverance, tenacity, and negotiation, and communications skills as I worked with diverse high-profile customer base.

I decide to go into Real Estate because it is really my passion .I will bring these experience and Personal knowledge to my work as Realtor. I am a good listener, problem solving and easy to deal with difficult situations, and best in decision making. My keenness and curiosity in the property market showed me the way to change career path and pursue my dream of working as a realtor. I am very passionate about Real Estate and even went to school to learn house framing and Building codes and applied these skills during my home renovation.

You can assure that I will stay on the top of all the details of a deal, to provide a smooth and easy going transaction.

I am adept at thinking on my feet and have a flair for innovative problem solving. My people skills are one of my greatest assets. I possess a calming demeanor that helps to diffuse tense situations and am able to inject humor to lighten the mood when appropriate.

I am confident that my experience and personal assets make me a standout Realtor here at   at Success! Real Estate.