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With the recent sale of our home Kerri truly made this process as smooth as possible. If you are selling or buying, Kerri Butler is the agent to go too! Extremely professional, efficient, most most importantly honest and straight to the point. No one could have done a better job!!! Thank you for everything Kerri!!!


Ann D.

Kerri Butler is the agent to contact if you are buying or selling!! I can't express my gratitude enough with how much she assisted me with selling my home. Very professional and knowledgeable. Upfront about everything, which I very much appreciated. She made, which for me had been a difficult decision in selling my home, an easy, calming, stress free process! Thank You Kerri!!


Kacey & Andherson

I was so worried and apprehensive to the process of buying a home for the first time and Kerri made it so seamless and worry free. She was very flexible to making the showings work and thorough when viewing each showing. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their agent!



I can't say enough good things about Kerri Butlet. It was a pleasure working with her to sell our house. It was a very stressful time with tight time frames, racing against a possible foreclosure, but thanks to Kerri's tenacity, we were able to get the house sold. Kerri helped us navigate the rough waters & didn't hesitate to get involved with negotiations between the bank, bank's attorney, Septic Company contractor, buyer's realtor.& closing attorney. Kerri kept the process moving forward, despite many setbacks. She remained very professional, while dealing with many adversities & always made us feel like she had our backs. Kerri lifted our spirits & held our hands whenever we needed it. I had complete faith in her abilities & after seeing her inaction, would highly recommend her to anyone ! When you hire Kerri Butler to help you buy/sell your home, you can rest assure she will do everything in her power to get the job done for you!



Kerri Butler invests a boundless amount of time and energy to making a deal happen. She knows her market and how to advertise . She is always a step ahead, even before the attys, to assure that every detail is in place. Throughout this she remains available with patience and honesty. After all Kerri's hard work, she thanks You! zskater232 Client, Seller


Bill B.

When I think of Kerri, I think strong, determined, persistent, and willing to help out at a drop of a hat. I had a very interesting first home buying experience, to say the least. I was working with a limited budget, and was buying a foreclosed home, with a rehab loan. This posed a few different problems just while closing on the home. I ran into unpaid bills from the former owners, duplicate requests from my "first" mortgage company. During closing those bills were suppose to have been paid but learned otherwise down the road. Anyways, the day after closing on my house the Feds stepped in and closed down my first mortgage company. Kerri stepped in and tracked down my second mortgage company, and then found my "third" mortgage company all within a three to four month span. I was told by many friends that have bought houses in the past that once you closed on your house, your real estate agent will basically disappear. The agent will be of no help. With Kerri this is not true. After I closed on my house, she probably ended up doing more work, then before the closing. From going to town hall, helping me get contractors into the property, fighting for me so that I would not have to pay the outstanding bills that were "suppose" to have been paid by the seller prior to closing. She has also sent me emails here and there just asking if there is anything else she can do. I know if anything were to come up I would defiantly be able to count on her. With all of this being said, I will never use any other real estate agent other than Kerri, I would suggest her to my friends, sister, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. I would suggest her to anyone. If you would like a real, real estate agent that will help you along the way, whether its your first time buying or even if you have been buying houses for years, Kerri is the right agent, and in my opinion the only real estate agent. Bill B. Wareham, MA


Melissa H.

Kerri is the best! She is extremely knowledgeable and is fierce when it comes to getting you what you want!! We were first time homebuyers working with a tight budget and a tough loan. She worked so hard for us and really knows her stuff!! She's so honest too. She's not afraid of anything either , she was crawling in little spaces of houses looking in areas we didn't even think to. I felt like she was a family member walking into houses with us the way she was so thorough and anytime we contacted her she got back to us IMMEDIATELY and didn't drag her feet once in the process. When it came time to negotiate and put in offers she advocated for us relentlessly. She's outspoken, professional, timely, and thorough! We have been in our home 3 1/2 years now and wouldn't have gotten our home without her diligence.


David Cogliano

I was lucky enough to have Kerri as my agent for both selling and purchasing a new home. Kerri is a true professional, was always available for my many questions and/or concerns and made a very stressful situation go as smoothly as possible. The home I purchased had 7 other offers and the listing agent also stated that one of the reasons my offer was chosen was because Kerri was the only agent who sent in everything that was asked for. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!!


Julie & Ed

made a recommendation for you

Thank you for checking that we had all the figures for our taxes and the new years greeting. You really do go above and beyond to serve your customers. If ever anyone is hesitant to engage you have them call us for a reccomendation. We will let them know how efficient and thorough you are. Not just another pretty face ! Julie & Ed Halifax, MA