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I am Neyma Mendes-Del Valle a new Professional Licensed Realtor®. To some the word "new" may sound "intimidating" and even "scary" but to many it actually sounds "refreshing". Although, I am new to the industry, I bring a world of insight and interpersonal capabilities with a focus on delivering for my clients. 


 As a multi-national individual, who can speak three different languages (English, Cape Verdean  Creole, Portuguese, and comprehends Spanish very well) I bring a diverse background to a client-centric environment. Having worked with children with multiple cognitive disabilities for the past seven years, I have learned the importance of hard work and helping others to succeed. Through my personal experience I was able to view life in differing lights. I am proud to say that I have mastered the art of communication, relatability, loyalty, negotiation, and crisis/ problem solving. These attributes have become my greatest asset and I am confident that they will be reflective in my dealings as a Realtor®. 


I have decided to transition to Real Estate because I wanted to continue to provide magnificent services to families. Families are at the center of my heart (and having started my own, I am thrilled to help create beautiful memories for my clients and their loved ones). Having a genuine passion for families, their success, happiness, and a strong foundation is central to my beliefs.


As we can all agree, buying/selling house can be a very overwhelming experience, however, that is why I'm here to help! With your best interest at heart, I will assist you through this experience and make it more enjoyable rather than stressful. 


Let's grow and succeed together!



Neyma Mendes-Del Valle