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My philosophy as a realtor is simple. I do everything I possibly can for my clients. I work for them. I treat everyone equally, regardless of the value of the home in a transaction. I don't care if a property is worth one hundred thousand dollars or one million dollars because I understand that everyone's situation in life is unique. One person's ceiling is another one's floor. I'm also very sympathetic to the fact that buying or selling a home is a huge step in one's life and should be treated as such. My goal is to make every real estate transaction as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. I'm with my clients every step of the way from beginning to end .  .

My husband and I have been working with Rick for nearly a year. During this difficult housing market, Rick went out of his way to see over 100 houses with us, never once complaining of the long hours spent in search of our dream home. Being first time home buyers, my husband and I had many  questions which Rick answered in detail. Rick showed a great understanding of the housing market and knowledge of the areas we were looking in. Today, as we sign the P&S on our first home, I know we could not have done it without Rick's guidance. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a diligent, knowledgeable, and compationate realtor.
Rick was extremely informative and attentive to our needs as first time home buyers. He always looked out for our best interest. If we had any questions he was quick to respond and easily reachable. It was a pleasure to have had him as our realtor and I would highly recommend him to anyone  purchasing their future home.
Rick is very professional and easy to work with. This was the second showing that I have been to with Rick. He is very knowledgeable about his craft. He was always polite and on time and answered any questions that were asked, if he didn't know he would find out for you 
Our family has been working with Rick Schwartz for several months looking for the right home for us; and we have enjoyed our experience house hunting with him. We are a young family of 5 and Rick has made sure to coordinate all our house viewings at times that have been appropriate for our family's schedule. When we're unable to make an open house he has been more than willing to visit homes for us and we trust that he understands what we are looking for. I am someone who asks lots of questions and have high expectations - especially since buying a house is a huge financial commitment and Rick has met my expectations. If you're looking for someone that is knowledgeable, looking out for your best interest at all times, and supportive of your home buying goals, then Rick should be your agent 
I met Richard over the phone which was the way most people get introduced. It was random talk about realty estate investment and he was very professional. I decided to have him as my realtor and he proves that he liked his job and capable of helping anyone finding dream house. Today we close thanks to his hard work. I recommend anyone to work with him find dream house. One thing though, his software application to do paper work is most efficient one and everything is done electronically. You safe time and get the job done on time. Remember saving time and quick reply is a fight to bid on the property. Thanks Richard one more time to help my three kids growing up on a quieter and safe neighborhood. 

Rick is an amazing person! He has a lot of patience and is very honest in the process of buying a home. My fiancé and I have called and emailed Rick all times of the hour and he ALWAYS answered with an upbeat attitude. He has become a part of our family and I know we will continue to keep in contact with him. It was a great pleasure working with him and I would HIGHLY recommend his services.
Rick was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process of purchasing my home. His responsiveness and prompt follow through helped to alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with house hunting. His experience and knowledge protected me as Buyer while also being courteous to the Sellers, a sign of a true professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home 
My wife and I have been looking off and on for a house to buy for the past four years. Although we took a long time to find one that fit our needs, Rick was very patient and with us every step of the way. He is kind, honest, conscientious, thorough and very hard working. I recommend him highly. 
Rick was amazing! I can't thank him enough for all he did for me. He made the process of buying a home easy. As a young first time home buyer he was there each step of the way. No matter when I contacted him he was always available, even weekends, holidays and nights. He explained everything in detail and in a way I could understand. He did everything he could to help me. He made my dream of owning a home a reality. I highly recommend him and he has my highest regard 
Rick is a good person who loves what he does and always ready to help regardless of the time. I am well pleased working with him. We have been working with him since 2014 searching for home. Please feel free to work with him, his very honesty and helpful. 
We cannot begin to explain all the wonderful things Rick has done for us! He is an amazing professional realtor. Saying my mother is a perfectionist is an understatement but he stuck by her and found her a perfect house in such a reasonable time. We would 100% recommend to family and friends. He was always there to answer questions, always knew the right areas to buy and got us a great deal on the property. Rick will always be our go to realtor! A Thank you is not enough for all your hard work! 
I've had a great experience working with Rick Schwartz to find a home that is perfect for me and my family. He has been very patient in the process of searching for the right home and spent a long period of time in guiding me to do so. With his positive attitude I was able to continue looking at various homes without giving up until I finally found the perfect one. As a first time homebuyer it was important to have someone with my best interest in mind to help me along the way. I am grateful to have received such great service (always a phone call or email away). I would recommend him to my family and friends for future business in both home purchases/sales. 
Rick was a very understanding, patient, and kind agent. He took care of my family and I as if we were his own without interfering with our decisions. He also helped us with things that were not necessarily in his job deion. I highly recommend using him. You will only be left happy with your choice! 
I highly recommend Rick as a realtor. He was with me for the past year and a half in my search for a house until I was successful in my recent great find. Rick was able to walk me through the entire process and even helped me get a good deal after a few issues were found on inspection. He was great and I would recommend him to everyone 
Rick Schwartz is the best real estate agent you can get. He always responds quickly to your calls and makes housing appointments as soon as he can. He never gets tired of you. He puts forth 110% effort to get you situated into the best house you can afford within your price range. Whenever you have scheduled viewings, he's always there 5 minutes before you. Not to mention his negotiation skills. He gets you a great deal below the list price and pushes for the sellers to give you a pristine credit. Overlooking this wonderful real estate agent will be a mistake you will regret. Not only will he be a great agent, he will also become an outstanding friend who you will have for years to come 
Believe me when I say that my fiancée and I were not easy buyers. We viewed handfuls of homes, a lot of the time on short notice, and Rick worked with us without skipping a beat. He was extremely patient and understanding, and definitely put our best interest first. He is very thoughtful, and just a good guy. 
Rick was very thorough and accommodating throughout the sale process. He was very clear and direct with his expectations and had a very good rapport with potential buyers and their agents. Following very speedy and multiple bid offerings, Rick was available to handle all the details of the final sale and closing. As we had already moved to our new out-of-state home, Rick was actively involved and extremely dependable with all the details involving the Buyers and their agent. Rick is a very positive and reassuring asset in facilitating a smooth real estate transaction. Whether you find yourself in the role of Buyer or Seller, Rick is extremely capable of handling all with distinction and expertise.  
My experience with Rick Schwartz is hard to explain and express because of how well he did his job and how good he was with my family and I. Rick was so hopeful for us throughout the entire process of looking for a home and buying a home. He went over and beyond that of most current realtors he was also a good ally and helpful friend to us in helping us filter out all that we want and need in a home. In the end I was able to find my dream home and Rick was right there with me helping through it all. It was a crazy roller coaster, as it most commonly is, when buying a home, but in the midst of it all Rick kept us hopeful and vigilant on finding the perfect home. We are so grateful for meeting Rick and having him as our realtor. He's a trustworthy and helpful realtor,that will always keep us in the loop of things and explain things to us thoroughly which we appreciated so much. Rick was the miracle that we needed and received in buying our first home while able of handling all with distinction and expertise. 
Rick is an amazing person! He stood by me through it all and really helped me in understanding the process of buying a home as well as making the right phone calls and talking to the right people to get things done well and thoroughly. It was my first time buying a home and he made it such an unforgettable experience in that he helped through it all as well as supported me through it; as I got discouraged at times through the process. He made buying my home a success and a blessing all at the same time and my family and I are so very grateful for all the work he has done for us! Thank you Rick! :) 
Rick is a wonderful person... I had a short amount of time to sell my home before I lost it. Rick went above and beyond to keep the buyer's interest. Four months later I closed and am happy where he left me. 
Rick made the process of selling my home very easy and also sold my home very quickly. I will most definitely be using him for the purchase of my next property. 
I worked with Rick about six months back and he was wonderful! It seemed like the man never slept! I would text him all the time and he would answer within 5 minutes. He was very friendly and HONEST! he never tried to push a sale on us, but was very understanding with what we were looking for in a  home and he gave us his honest opinion with each home we saw. He was present during the inspection and the closing and was VERY helpful. He did everything in his power to make the home buying process easy and smooth for us, and now we are 100% happy and satisfied in our beautiful new home thanks to Rick! We are definitely going back to him if we ever decide on purchasing a new home!! I recommend him to ALL my friends and family 
I would recommend Rick to anyone. He was very helpful and accommodating. One example I can provide was how he examined the oil tank for leaks so that we knew what we were getting ourselves into if it needed repairs. Rick was there to answer any questions we had and was there till the end. Thanks Rick for helping us find our first and forever home! 
Rick was great in helping me find my first home. He was attentive and helpful in guiding me toward the right home for me. Throughout my house hunt he would help research properties and scout locations to make sure the neighborhood was a fit before bringing me to the homes. He made finding and buying my home a good experience 
Rick did an incredible job helping us buy our first home. He was extremely patient and always responded quickly to our emails or calls. He was very flexible when it came to seeing homes and was able to answer all our questions as we walked through. Rick's first priority is his clients and he even postponed his vacation to be able to attend our closing. We would highly recommend Rick for anyone looking for a home
Thanks Rick, Rick is a great guy to work with, a knowledgeable realtor, he is extremely helpful and considerate. He is intelligent, detail oriented and creative, he goes extra mile. He makes time for anyone to answer questions as well as offering solutions. I would highly recommend Rick without hesitation as a trusted advisor. I look forward to work with him again in the future for another big and nice house. Because Rick is a true professional. 
Rick did an excellent job with helping me purchase my condo. He went above and beyond in all areas. He answered all of my phone calls and helped explain the whole buying process to me. Also, he did many follow up phone calls to make sure the process was going smoothly. I would definitely recommend  him to my friends and family in the area. He is a very genuine person to work with 
Rick was my buyers agent. He is patient and knowledgeable. I looked for about 6 months and sometimes we looked at 2-3 homes per week. He took the time to learn what I wanted and provided recommendations. If you are looking for a home in this area, call Rick. He makes buying a home easy! 
Rick was very helpful, responsive and patient during my search for a new home. I searched for about 6 months. The first 2 months, I tried to call realtors on my own, but for the most part they did not return my calls. Rick was very prompt in calling back and he was able to get in touch with realtors that I could not. He was very considerate of my time and did his best to make the process easy. This is the fifth home I have purchased and Rick was the best salesman I have dealt with
Rick was always available, kind and knowledgeable. He helped us get the best deal without feeling pressured. He always had our best intentions in mind. I have since recommended him for my mother to use in finding a home. 
WOW!!! What a buyers agent. I have limited time to look at homes and Rick is on time and on target. He responds rapidly and has our list set up to get in and view the homes first He sets you up for SUCCESS. No fuss, no pressure, and extremely convenient. Lots of knowlwedge, experience, preparation and a pleasure to work with. Everyone should list their home with Rick Schwartz.
As a first-time home buyer it was nice to have a realtor that was responsive to all my needs and my many questions. Rick doesn't pressure you into buying a house and is completely honest during the tours and points out what he thinks may be potential problems with the property. I highly recommend Rick as a buyer's agent.
Rick made the process of buying my and my wife's first home extremely easy. He is very knowledgeable and responds to you anytime you need him too. He is very patient and easy going. I Would absolutely recommend him to anyone and will use him again! 
My husband and I have been working with Rick for the past few months. He's been great! Very responsive and knowledgeable. We felt like we had lots of questions and never feel silly about asking him anything. We are looking in the South Shore area and he is very knowledgeable in this area and patient. We have seen over 10 houses with him and we haven't felt the pressure to settle. We would recommend Rick to any family or friend looking for a home. 
As a first time home buyers, Rick was the best Real Estate agent me and my fiancé could have asked for! He was so helpful along the whole process and made us feel very comfortable. He is very friendly and isn't hesitant to let you know if the house is right for you or not. He is not interested in just selling you the home and getting it over with, he is very patient and focuses on your happiness and satisfaction. We will highly recommend him to all of our friends and will definitely use him in the future! 
Rick is very professional and easy to work with. This was the second showing that I have been to with Rick. He is very knowledgeable about his craft. He was always polite and on time and answered any questions that were asked, if he didn't know he would find out for you.
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