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Why Choose SUCCESS! Real Estate?


Market Share
Our growth and market share say it all. In the past 5 years, we have experienced average growth of over 30% per year and sold BILLIONS of dollars worth of property. Companies do not accomplish this without being great at what they do.

See for yourself…our company is so strong that the numbers speak for themselves.  As a company we are also trained to excel in all areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Since 1990 we have known the only thing that truly counts when all is said and done is a sold sign and our client’s happiness.

We have always been a company built to deliver SUPERIOR results to our customers.  From inception, SUCCESS! was designed to utilize all the best concepts from all other companies, combine them with our own new ideas, and swiftly deliver them to the marketplace.   So many companies have antiquated techniques and heavy bureaucracies that make them slow to adjust to our ever changing industry.

Our philosophy is that your home must be presented in an extremely flattering light.  Then, we present your home to the world in a very professional package.  In this day and age, it is imperative that you hire a company who is committed and well trained on how to accomplish this task.  Your home must look better than all others in order to catch the Buyer’s eye. When your home hits the market with us, you can be assured it will look great and be everywhere.

The most common statement from our customers is that you see us everywhere!  It is true.  Marketing is our passion.  We never stop looking for new and innovative ways to market our customer’s homes.  Our homes are on the internet in countless websites, magazines, newspapers, in direct mailings, flyers, relocation agencies, and the Multiple Listing Services.  It will even be mentioned by good old fashioned networking.  We have hundreds of agents with thousands of customers.  Plus, we are a local company with huge ties to our community such as churches, schools, charities, networking groups etc.  When it comes to marketing homes, we are completely wired to do the job right!

Our agents are highly trained elite sales people that are hand picked by management.  We set the bar high and we would have it no other way.  Our Agents are some of the highest producing Agents in the market.  We attract and retain these Agents by offering the best compensation package in the industry.  If you want great people, you must be prepared to pay them.

Because our compensation plan is the most generous, it allows our Agents to spend more money on marketing property.  This is an incredibly important concept.  People often think national companies have more money to spend on your home.  In fact, the opposite is true.  They have huge overhead, self serving sporadically placed national campaigns that promote the company and not your home.  At SUCCESS! Real Estate, we choose to use the budget more wisely.  So, who has the biggest budget when it comes to selling your home? We do, and always will.


At SUCCESS! Real Estate, your Agent is in charge of your home.  That means he will operate with all the tools SUCCESS! has to offer, but he or she will be in control of all marketing decisions and accountable to you.  This is crucial.  Many companies are structured so that critical aspects of your sale are handled by people you have never met.  If you have a problem, you are told by your Agent that the solution is out of their hands.  We believe that is unacceptable.  At SUCCESS! Real Estate, your Agent is empowered to make all decisions and work closely with you to ensure you are satisfied customer.  If you have problems or suggestions, simply tell your Agent and he or she can make it happen.

Your Agent is the expert on your home.  Therefore, all inquiries will be directed to your Agent to ensure that the person fielding questions about your home is very informed.  Have you ever called a real estate company about a property and been struck by how little the person answering the phone actually knows?  That never happens at SUCCESS! Real Estate. We will never miss an opportunity to convert an inquiry into a sale.

When a SUCCESS! Agent lists your home, he or she will be your Sellers agent and all loyalty and efforts will be made on your behalf.  The Agent essentially becomes your real estate advocate.  When you are a Buyer, the Agent is your Buyers Agent with all the same loyalties.  We will never allow any type of conflict of interest to occur. Complete representation from start to finish is our promise to you.